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This Year’s Best Foods to Eat After Getting Bodily Surgery

Woman making smoothie after surgeryGetting plastic surgery is only the first step to loving the new you. There is maintenance work to follow after your surgical procedure, such as eating foods that aid in your recovery, muscle building, toning, and weight balance. In this blog, we keep you informed of ideal foods to eat after getting bodily surgery.

Here Are the Best Post-Surgery Foods to Eat and Why

If you incorporate certain foods into your diet, you can reduce the probability of regaining unwanted weight. You’ll also get a healthier body, which will help you maintain your post-surgery physique.

Omega-3 Fats

You may hear the word “fats” and automatically assume that the item is unhealthy. This is untrue. There are good fats and bad fats, and your body needs good fats to help it regulate your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Good fats, like almonds and sardines, also reduce your risk of developing heart disease and high blood pressure.

VitaminC-Rich Vegetables

Vitamin C promotes a stronger immune system, which is essential for a speedy post-surgery recovery. Vitamin C also aids in the production of collagen. Collagen production is vital in keeping your skin firm and flexible, which is why it’s particularly important to consume if you’ve had any augmentation surgery, such as a Brazilian Butt Lift. You can find Vitamin C in cabbage and broccoli.

VitaminA-Rich Vegetables

If you’re concerned about post-surgery complications, then eat more foods with Vitamin A, like mangos and eggs. Vitamin A boosts your immune system and contributes to cellular growth. It also helps your lungs and heart to work properly. You are more likely to recover well from surgery when your body can get enough oxygen and your heart can successfully pump nutrients to your other organs.

Healthy Proteins

Healthy proteins, like beef and chicken, are composed of amino acids. Amino acids are the “building blocks” of the cells in your body. By building and repairing your muscles, healthy proteins will help your muscles maintain their new, sculpted form, tighten your core, and tone your body.

Hattiesburg, MS, Post-Surgery Recovery Experts

Whether you’ve had surgery and love your results or are getting prepared to have surgery and want to learn what to do after the operation, Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg is here to help. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have years of experience and are dedicated professionals in this practice. We put your health and safety first. To schedule a consultation, you may call 601-296-3405 now.

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Surgical or Nonsurgical Body Sculpting and Fat Removal—Which Is Right for Me?

Attractive young woman in underwear posing while standing against pink backgroundAt the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg, we work with Hattiesburg, MS, area patients who are unhappy with specific areas of the face and body with both surgical and non-surgical options. This also applies to men and women seeking body sculpting and fat removal. At our office, Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot are open to combining one or both solutions, depending on the patient’s desired results and whether or not they are interested in surgery.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Body Sculpting and Fat Removal Options Available:

  • Surgical. The primary solutions for surgical body contouring include liposuction and tummy tucks. The midsection is often a problematic area of the body for both men and women. With liposuction, a special wand is used. It is inserted into the fatty area and essentially suctions out fat cells manually. In addition to liposuction, surgeries such as abdominoplasty also include the removal of excess skin to eliminate sagging skin once the fat is removed. This results in a firmer, tighter body after the removal of the fat cells in the midsection.
  • Non-surgical. Today’s technologies allow us to provide non-surgical treatments that were once thought to be impossible! Instead of experiencing scarring and the risk of infection with surgical interventions, patients can now talk to our team about non-surgical treatments. This includes services such as BodyTite® and Vanquish®. Both of these are available at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg and provide fat reduction and body contouring with radiofrequency energy that penetrates beneath the skin and targets unwanted fat cells. The body’s lymphatic system will allow the cells to gradually be flushed out of the body, eliminating surgical treatments–and the expense and downtime associated with them.

Schedule a Visit To Find Out Which One Is Right for You!

Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot of Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg provide facial and body options for new and returning patients seeking both surgical and non-surgical solutions. If you are considering ways to sculpt your body and remove unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, it may be time to call 601-296-3405 to discuss your options. We are available to assist patients in and around the area of Hattiesburg, MS, with their cosmetic needs to reach their goals!

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What Can Be Done After Massive Weight Loss?

Significant weight loss can leave behind stretched, sagging skin afterwards. While those who have worked hard to reach these goals are happy to be in an ideal weight range, they are often too shy or embarrassed to show off their results because of this excess skin that remains. At the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg in Hattiesburg, MS, men and women who have undergone massive weight loss can find solutions with the body lift procedures available at our office.

What Is a Body Lift?

A body lift procedure is typically performed after a patient has experienced significant weight loss. The fast loss of fat can leave skin and underlying tissue with a sagging appearance. A body lift procedure is a series of surgeries that can help remove excess skin, tighten muscles, and redistribute fat for a smoother, healthier-looking body contour–throughout the body. The results are dramatic and can make patients feel more confident with their new look.

Where Is the Body Lift Performed?

Dr. William Reno III and Paul Talbot of the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg can perform the body lift on various areas of the body, which may include the:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Legs

What Can I Expect After the Procedure?

With proper post-operative care and instructions from our surgeons in Hattiesburg, MS, body lifts can produce dramatic improvements in physical appearance and self-esteem. However, body lifting is not appropriate for everyone. It is best used for those with significant, massive weight loss that has left them with excess, sagging skin. This can become problematic as some patients may experience irritation of the skin, especially in the folds that have developed with this type of weight loss. It can also lead to infections between the skin as well. During a consultation appointment with Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot, you can determine if you are a proper fit for this or other surgical treatments to improve the body contours after extensive weight loss.

Who Can I Call in the Hattiesburg, MS, Area To Learn More About the Body Lift Procedure?

If you have recently lost an extensive amount of weight from your body, we congratulate you! We would love to help you feel confident in your new body and enjoy the results you have worked hard to achieve. Call 601-296-3405 to request an appointment at our office to learn more about facial and body procedures available with our skilled plastic surgeons.

Use Bodytite® Treatment to Reduce Skin Laxity Without Surgical Services

Patients dealing with excess, sagging skin may feel their only option is to speak to a plastic surgeon about removing this skin to restore firmness in specific areas of the face and body. Fortunately, there are other alternative options for patients to consider, thanks to continued advances in the field of medicine. Today, patients can talk to Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot of the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg to discuss options such as the BodyTite® treatment. Without surgical interventions, patients can use radio frequency energy to tighten and tone problem areas of the face and body. Continue reading to learn more about this advanced treatment provided by our team in Hattiesburg, MS!

What is BodyTite®?

The BodyTite® treatment is a minimally invasive body contouring procedure using radio frequency energy to melt fat and tighten skin. It can treat areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

Unlike traditional liposuction, BodyTite® does not require any incisions or downtime, making it a wonderful option for patients who want to reduce the risk of scarring or eliminate the need for expensive and invasive surgical procedures requiring extensive recovery.

How long will it take to see changes from BodyTite® treatments?

Results can typically be seen within a few weeks, with continued improvement over the next few months. This is because the process requires time to occur in a more natural manner than plastic surgery. Many patients love BodyTite® not only because it provides nonsurgical results but the gradual transition ensures the changes look more natural and less noticeable compared to if they underwent plastic surgery procedures.

Schedule a visit to the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg to learn more about BodyTite®

If you’re looking for a safer and more effective way to sculpt your body, BodyTite® may be the right fit for you. Consult with a qualified physician at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg in Hattiesburg, MS, to see if it’s the best option for achieving your desired results! Call 601-296-3405 today to request a visit with Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot who provide both facial and body procedures that are surgical and nonsurgical.

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Common questions about surgical calf implants

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your calves due to thin or small appearance, you may want to consider the benefits of placing calf implants for a more voluptuous look. Calf implants are also used by patients to improve the symmetry of the legs and contribute to the overall proportions of the body. Some patients might even consider calf implants to correct deformities in the leg caused by birth defects or injuries. The doctors of Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg are here to help educate you on some of the many questions patients might have about calf implants. Read on to learn more!

How is calf implant surgery performed?

The surgery to insert calf implants is typically done through a small incision in the skin behind the knee. The plastic surgeon will create a pocket in the muscle and insert the implant. Once the implant is in place, the doctor will close the incision with stitches to complete the surgery.

What are the risks associated with calf implant surgery?

Like any type of surgery, there are risks associated with calf implant surgery. These risks include infection, bleeding, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. Additionally, there is always a risk of complications during and after surgery. It is important to discuss the risks and benefits of surgery with your plastic surgeon before making a decision.

How long does the surgery take?

The surgery typically takes between one and two hours to complete.

What is the recovery time?

The recovery time varies depending on the individual, but most people are able to resume their regular activities within two weeks. However, it is important to avoid strenuous activities for the first few weeks post-surgery. Your plastic surgeon will provide post-operative instructions to follow after your procedure, and you will also want to make a follow-up appointment to monitor your recovery and ensure no problems arise.

How do I find out if I’m a good fit for calf implant surgery?

Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot of the Plastic surgery Center of Hattiesburg are available to help patients reach their goals in body contouring and improvement. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of this procedure and other surgical treatments for body contouring and augmentation, contact our team today by calling (601) 296-3405. Request an appointment at our practice, located at 40 Franklin Road, to discuss surgical (and nonsurgical) solutions right for you!

Why fat grafting is used for improving body contours

It is not uncommon for adult men and women to want more volume on specific areas of their body and less volume on others.  For example, some women have excess fat around their midsection, but volume loss on the buttocks and thigh area. With procedures such as fat grafting, patients can remove fat from one area and move it to another to improve their body contours.

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting is the harvesting and transplanting of fat on one area of the body to another. This treatment is minimally invasive and can help contour specific areas of the body that need volume enhancement while reducing fat in another. The transfer is done right in the office of Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg as an outpatient procedure, and doesn’t take long to perform. Because the process is minimally invasive, most patients don’t need to take extensive time off of work and other activities.

Who is a candidate for fat grafting?

Men and women who are interested in contouring specific areas that require more volume while removing fat from elsewhere on the body may be considered appropriate candidates for the fat grafting process. Fat grafting is popular because it is simple and easy. It is also an affordable solution for patients who want to avoid more extensive procedures such as liposuction or implants. The best candidates are patients who are within their ideal weight range, have good overall health, and understand what can be achieved, realistically, with these treatments. During a consultation appointment at our practice, we can evaluate a patient and assess their needs. Our team can make recommendations regarding this or other procedures that might help them in achieving their body goals.

Schedule your visit at Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg today

Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot are available to help patients look and feel their best with surgical and nonsurgical treatment options. Call (601) 296-3405 to request a consultation visit with our team and get started learning more about the solutions available for enhancing your body contours—with or without surgery! The office is located at 40 Franklin Road in Hattiesburg, MS.

What body procedures can be performed at Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg?

Not everyone is born with a naturally attractive body. Over the years, weight fluctuations can also change the appearance of the skin and the distribution of fat. With the team at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg, many patients can achieve better body contours and improve their self-esteem with cosmetic plastic surgery. Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot assist in making a dream a reality with a selection of body procedures. Whether a patient would like to improve their body contours by reducing fat and removing excess skin, or remove an unwanted tattoo with laser therapy, we can help! Our facility has a variety of aesthetic procedures that can improve to only the body, but the face. We recommend patients interested in cosmetic surgery to discuss with our team the surgical and nonsurgical solutions available.

What body procedures can I choose from at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg?

Our providers offer a wide array of treatments for the body, including:

  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • Tattoo removal
  • Liposuction
  • Arm reduction
  • Body lift for massive weight loss
  • BodyTite
  • Thigh lift
  • Buttock implants
  • Calf implants
  • Treatment for cellulite
  • Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
  • Fat grafting
  • Spider vein removal

Which procedures will meet my needs?

Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot invite new and current patients who are interested in body procedures to book an appointment with the team and learn more about the options that are available. Not everyone will be suitable for the same combination of treatments, so working with a medical provider to develop a treatment plan that helps you achieve your goals is the first step. Consultation visits are a great time to ask questions and learn more about the surgeries that are used in enhancing the body..

Call the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg today

Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot are available to help men and women look and feel their best. If you live in the community of Hattiesburg, MS or the surrounding areas, we strongly encourage you to take the time to learn about the body procedures available at our facility. We are excited to assist you in achieving the body you’ve always wanted with today’s plastic surgery techniques.

What to Expect From Liposuction

Fat Grafting Facts What You Need to Know

Fat Grafting Facts | What You Need to Know

Sucking fat from a person’s thighs and hips and injecting it into their buttocks or breasts may sound strange but for some, it is like the dream come true. This process is known as fat grafting or fat transfer and involves fats removal from a body part through a gentle liposuction procedure.

One reason for the increased popularity of fat grafting is that people consider it as ‘natural’ plastic surgery. This is because the body is injected with something that is also produced by the same body.

However, before you take the plunge, here are a few facts that you must know;

  • Anyone who is looking towards transforming into a model needs multiple injections to achieve the desired results. Even then, there is only a limited amount of fat that can be injected and harvested.
  • As you heal, a portion of grafted fat will be absorbed naturally and disappear effectively. To prevent reabsorbing of fat, it is advised to avoid too much movement of the treated area immediately after the surgery.
  • Don’t consider fat grafting as the quickie filler injection. Unlike other filler procedures that require no special care or downtime afterwards, fat grafting is more of a cosmetic surgery procedure that requires adequate and planned recovery time.
  • It is a customizable procedure that can easily be tailored to every patient’s unique needs. From the place where the fat is removed and to the location where the injections are actually administered, the procedure has the tendency to meet individual aesthetic goals and with precision.

So before you decide to take up a fat grafting procedure always discuss your particulars with a reputed and experienced plastic surgeon to get the desired results. For most individuals, fat grafting is a long-lasting treatment that is getting popular with every passing day.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Is it Worth It?

Brazilian butt lift is a fat grafting surgical procedure that use a person’s own fat to augment buttocks. People belonging to different age groups and body types take up this procedure. In fact, over the past few years, the procedure has been receiving a lot more press coverage than before.

What Problems Can Be Treated With Brazilian Butt Lift?

Anyone who is the victim of the following signs and symptoms can be an ideal candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift.

  • Sagging buttocks
  • Flat buttocks
  • Asymmetrical buttocks
  • Small buttocks (disproportionate)
  • The change of buttock’s shape like after a massive diet/weight loss

Different plastic surgeons use different techniques for this procedure. It is important to select the best professionals to perform the procedure as the surgical results highly depend on your professional’s technique. It may also influence how long the outcome/results will last.

The Recovery Time for Brazilian Fat Grafting

The recovery time for this procedure varies from patient to patient. Most professionals recommend avoiding sitting on your butt for around two weeks. After that you may sit on a boppy pillow, allowing a pressure on your thighs instead of buttocks.

To achieve the fastest recovery and best results, it is imperative to follow your professional’s instructions. Generally, the swelling takes around eight weeks to recover while the inflammation due to liposuction may last for several months.

With Brazilian butt lift, you get the shapelier buttocks. It is better than any other filler procedure as your own fat is used. This also cut down the chances of any adverse complication or reaction.

The procedure is not as invasive as implants. When you choose to work with experts, Brazilian butt lift provides excellent results in the shortest possible period. Your butt looks more toned and rounder, without any sagging or drooping!