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Surgical or Nonsurgical Body Sculpting and Fat Removal—Which Is Right for Me?

Attractive young woman in underwear posing while standing against pink backgroundAt the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg, we work with Hattiesburg, MS, area patients who are unhappy with specific areas of the face and body with both surgical and non-surgical options. This also applies to men and women seeking body sculpting and fat removal. At our office, Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot are open to combining one or both solutions, depending on the patient’s desired results and whether or not they are interested in surgery.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Body Sculpting and Fat Removal Options Available:

  • Surgical. The primary solutions for surgical body contouring include liposuction and tummy tucks. The midsection is often a problematic area of the body for both men and women. With liposuction, a special wand is used. It is inserted into the fatty area and essentially suctions out fat cells manually. In addition to liposuction, surgeries such as abdominoplasty also include the removal of excess skin to eliminate sagging skin once the fat is removed. This results in a firmer, tighter body after the removal of the fat cells in the midsection.
  • Non-surgical. Today’s technologies allow us to provide non-surgical treatments that were once thought to be impossible! Instead of experiencing scarring and the risk of infection with surgical interventions, patients can now talk to our team about non-surgical treatments. This includes services such as BodyTite® and Vanquish®. Both of these are available at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg and provide fat reduction and body contouring with radiofrequency energy that penetrates beneath the skin and targets unwanted fat cells. The body’s lymphatic system will allow the cells to gradually be flushed out of the body, eliminating surgical treatments–and the expense and downtime associated with them.

Schedule a Visit To Find Out Which One Is Right for You!

Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot of Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg provide facial and body options for new and returning patients seeking both surgical and non-surgical solutions. If you are considering ways to sculpt your body and remove unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, it may be time to call 601-296-3405 to discuss your options. We are available to assist patients in and around the area of Hattiesburg, MS, with their cosmetic needs to reach their goals!