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What is the forehead lift?

Adult men and women with deep creases that reside across the forehead may find that there are different approaches that can be taken to smooth these lines and wrinkles. Many turn to neuromodulators, which are medications that can be injected into the muscles of the face to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. However, there comes a point where injectables are no longer sufficient. In situations such as this, adult patients may consider talking to a professional about plastic surgery procedures like the forehead lift. Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot of the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg in Hattiesburg, MS may recommend the forehead lift for patients with moderate to severe forehead folds.

What is the forehead lift?

Also known as a brow lift, the forehead lift focuses on the upper portion of the face. It can be used to address the following issues:

  • Wrinkles across the forehead
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines)
  • Drooping eyebrows
  • Drooping skin between the brows and eyes
  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the upper third of the face

What occurs during the forehead lift?

During the forehead lift, the plastic surgeon will make an incision behind the hairline to reduce the appearance of scarring. Excess skin is removed from the upper third of the face before the area is sutured back in place. Removing this excess skin will tighten and firm the forehead while bringing the eyebrows up to a more youthful position on the face. This allows men and women to look more youthful while smoothing problem areas.

Can the procedure be completed with another?

Some patients have the forehead lift performed alone, while others might combine this treatment with other facial procedures such as eyelid surgery or a facelift. Speaking with the doctor before scheduling an appointment for surgery is the best way to find out if you can rejuvenate other areas of the face by combining services.

Am I a candidate for the forehead lift?

Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot of the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg believe in offering patient surgical and nonsurgical solutions for improving the face and body. If you reside in the Hattiesburg, MS area and are ready to speak to a provider about candidacy, call (601) 296-3405 to request a consultation visit with our team at 40 Franklin Road. We are open to new and returning patients of the community.