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The Role of Vanquish Towards Non-Invasive Body Contouring

There is an array of advanced technologies promising to emulsify, freeze, tame or damage trouble spots with respect to fat cells. But out of these, the most popular treatment today is the Vanquish Radio-frequency Fat Reduction Treatment.

Since a lot of people are intimidated by other invasive surgical treatments such as abdominoplasty or liposuction, Vanquish fat reduction treatment has become their first choice.

The Marked Advantages of Vanquish Radio-frequency Fat Reduction Treatment

Following are some of the many distinguishing benefits of Vanquish treatment.

  • No downtime
  • Results are obvious just after a single session
  • Non- invasive/Non-surgical safe treatment
  • Large body areas can be treated at once
  • No or a few common side-effects
  • Results are much more lasting than any other treatment of an invasive nature
  • The sessions are highly comfortable and absolutely pain-free

The Procedure

During the treatment session, the patient rests in a comfortable position while the Vanquish panel is exactly directed at the targeted area of the body. The device’s sensors then measure the impedance instantaneously and also regulate the energy delivery.

The warmth that is felt by the client during the procedure is similar to being exposed to a heating pad. Since the nature of this non-invasive treatment is absolutely pain-free, the clients usually spend these 30 minutes of the treatment session, relaxing, taking a nap or even listening to music or reading a book.

The good part about having this non-surgical treatment is that the patient can immediately get back to their daily routine. However, clients are advised to take care of their health by drinking a lot of water before and after the non-surgical treatment, as well as continuing exercise or staying active by jogging or walking.

Not to mention, this effective treatment has outperformed many traditional surgical treatments and we are expected to see a lot of progress in this field.


Things to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

Things to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

Non-surgical tattoo removal or laser tattoo removal is one of the most reliable and effective treatments to get rid of tattoos on your body. This expedient treatment has made a lot of advancement in terms of tattoo removal and it holds a great many benefits, being a non-surgical treatment.

However, before you opt for a laser tattoo removal, here are a few things that you must know and fully understand regarding the treatment.

  • The laser treatment for tattoo removal does not affect your skin, which is a common belief among many people. Lasers come with various settings and they are designed to target only the particular pigment embedded in your skin. However, make sure that you receive the treatment only from a professional technician, with adequate equipment, so that you don’t face any hyperpigmentation or other side-effects on your skin.
  • There is a common misconception that tattoo ink is embedded skin deep. This is not true. The ink rests in skin’s dermis layer, just after the epidermis, allowing your tattoo to sustain even in the event of flaky or dry skin. Since the dermis is roughly .08mm to 4.5mm below the outer layer of skin, this must give you a clear idea of how far the laser travels in this treatment.
  • Your immune system contributes to your tattoo removal. So if you are smoking cigarettes, it can slow down the treatment by almost 70%. Since your immune system eliminates the breakup of ink, tattoos near to your heart may fade much faster than the ones on your feet. Therefore, if you follow healthy diet regimes and sleep well, your healthy immune system will help with speedy removal.

It is often assumed that laser tattoo removal is as painful as actual tattooing procedures, which is not completely true. The difference lies in the choice of the professional performing the procedure. So if you wish to have a pain-free experience, you must opt only for the best professional to perform the job.