Obtain Thicker, Lusher Lashes With Latisse

Are you tired of messing around with clumping mascaras and fake eyelashes? Are you seeking a way to enhance your lashes in a more permanent, long-lasting way? If you are ready to boost your beauty, we encourage you to book a consultation visit with the team at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg today to learn about a medication known as Latisse.

What is Latisse and how does it work?

Latisse is a prescription medication that includes a medication called bimatoprost ophthalmic solution at .03%. It is administered onto the upper lashes each night with a sterile lash brush included. While the medication was initially formulated to help patients address glaucoma in eyedrops, professionals found that it could cause patients to improve the thickness and length of their eyelashes as well. This is when the FDA decided to approve the medication for the use of treating thinning eyelashes.

How does it work?

Latisse works by increasing the growing phase of the eyelashes, specifically at the follicular level during the anagen phase. As long as patients continue to use the medication, it can provide stunning results. However, when patients stop using Latisse, their eyelashes will return to their original appearance.

What should I expect?

First, patients should speak to their doctor to determine if they are a good candidate for Latisse. In terms of improving lashes, Latisse is used strictly as a cosmetic treatment. Once patients have decided to move forward with using Latisse, they are given a prescription from the team at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg. The prescription is filled at a local pharmacy. Before bed, patients should administer the medication onto the upper eyelash area using a sterile brush. When patients sleep, the medication is naturally administered onto the lower lashes. With continued use, patients will notice thicker, fuller lashes that often don’t even require mascara!

Obtain the brilliant, beautiful lashes you’ve desired!

Connect with the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg in Hattiesburg, MS today to learn more about Latisse as a lash lengthening and thickening solution. The practice is located at 40 Franklin Road and can be reached by calling (601) 296-3405. Drs. William Reno III and Paul Talbot are here to help women to look and feel their best, with surgical and nonsurgical options.