Fat Transfer Procedure - Dr Reno

Can You Benefit From a Fat Transfer Procedure?

A fat grafting process is used to plump up or improve small contour irregularities in the particular part of your body. The process involves the transfer of the body’s own viable fat cells into other areas to increase the volume.

The most common body areas that are treated with fat grafting process include buttocks, breast and facial areas like chin, cheeks, and lips. The process is also known as a fat injection or fat grafting. It is a complex process with long-lasting results. However, the results obtained are not to be considered permanent.

As you lose volume and age, you may again need to repeat the fat grafting procedure. Since the result of this complex process depends largely on the skill set of the surgeon, choose only the reputed platform to perform the complex procedure.

Benefits of Fat Grafting Procedure

A fat grafting process provides the following benefits:

  • Since the process uses your own fat, it eliminates the likelihood of an allergic reaction
  • This fat transfer procedure can easily be combined with various other cosmetic treatments such as breast augmentation and liposuction. When you add any of these treatments it helps in contouring the harvest area along with the enhancement achieved due to fat transfer.
  • A fat transfer treatment offer natural-looking results by replacing the lost volume with your own body fat.
  • The healing period of the fat transfer is less. However, if the treatment is performed with some other lengthy cosmetic procedure, it may take a little longer than the fat transfer alone.
  • Fat transfer offer enhancements without using synthetic material.
  • General anesthesia is not required to perform the procedure. The results are immediate and continue to improve in the days following the treatment

However, the success of the fat transfer procedure depends on the experience of the professional performing the job. So make sure you only get the assistance of the most recognized professional.