Breast Augmentation: Choosing the Best Procedure

Breast Augmentation

Choosing the Best Procedure

Breast Augmentation: For a Better & More Beautiful You

Women choose breast augmentation for different personal reasons. Each woman experiences a beautifully customized breast augmentation, with Dr. Reno and the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg surgical team. Breast augmentation can improve the contour and size of your breasts and is beneficial for the treatment of multiple cosmetic issues, including minor sagging, breast imbalance, improvements after pregnancy and breastfeeding or to enlarge small breasts.

Choosing your best Breast Augmentation procedure

There are sophisticated approaches to breast surgery that provide smaller scars, improved breast shape, and position, reduced bleeding and bruising, and a faster and more comfortable recovery. Choose a board certified plastic surgeon who understands the newest breast enhancement techniques and can provide you with the best results possible, such as board-certified Dr. Reno. The emphasis should be on natural looking results, which meet your goals while improving your self-esteem and self-image. The first step towards beautiful, natural looking breast enhancements will be a personal consultation.

Breast Augmentation Consultation

At your initial breast augmentation consultation, your surgeon will discuss your health history and the results that you want to achieve. Dr. Reno will show you before and after photos from previous patients who had breast augmentation completed. The width, height and nipple position of your breasts will be measured, and the differences in your breast from the left and right will be evaluated. You will be also be given the opportunity to point out characteristics in your breast’s anatomy that you would like to improve or change.

After an extensive, personal discussion, you and your Plastic Surgery Center surgeon will decide on a surgical plan that will meet your goals. This initial visit will provide you with a clear understanding of your surgical options so that you can make an informed decision.

Choosing the Best Breast Size

Breast size is a very personal choice and can be tailored to meet your needs. The implants that are chosen for you will match your concept of the ideal breast. You will be provided with sizers during your initial consultation, which will help you select the right implant size for you. The characteristics, breast shape and contour that you find pleasing will be carefully observed during your consultation. Choosing the right implant size can provide subtle but significant differences. Implants are measured by cubic centimeters (cc). 500cc high profile saline implant give a natural look, and 600cc implants and 700cc can provide a more extensive breast enhancement of size DD or larger. Incision placement and implant location will also be based on your desired results.

Choosing the very best surgeon is an important part of receiving the very best results. Be sure to ask for before & after photos from prior breast surgery patients, and take the time needed to choose the right breast implant size. You can experience the very best results possible when you take the time needed to find the best surgeon.

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