Breast Reconstruction – Hattiesburg

About Breast Reconstruction Surgery:

Some women are faced with the difficult situation of needing to have one or both breasts removed, either from cancer or from having a high risk of cancer. Fortunately, many options are available today to reconstruct a new breast. One of the options includes using a patients’ own tissues from either the back or stomach area and moving it to rebuild the breast. Another option is placing a temporary implant and slowly filling the implant over a period of weeks to stretch the muscle and skin.

Once the desired size is reached we can replace it with a more permanent implant. These procedures can be done immediately following removal of the breast or can be done at a later time. We go over these options in detail with you during your initial visit. Together we decide on which option is best for you.

What is the Recovery from Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

You can expect to stay in the hospital for several days, and there will be a drain in place to remove any excess fluid. Recovery really depends on what type of procedure is chosen. The reconstructions that require moving tissue from other areas of the body to rebuild the breast are much more time-consuming and have a longer recovery time than using a temporary implant. Once at home you will need to limit your activity and will require someone being with you for assistance.

As with any operation follow-up is very important. We will need to watch very closely for any problems. If the option of a temporary implant is chosen, we would need to see you back every few weeks to slowly fill the implant to the desired size. Once the breast reconstruction is complete, a new nipple can be created.

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