Injectables, like Sculptra and Botox

Injectables have got so much better in the last few years. They last longer and feel more natural than ever. Some, like Sculptra, last for years! Think about it, just come to the office, get injected and it will last for years! Sculptra works by forming collagen deep in your face, filling and tightening your skin and making you look so much younger. It is my favorite deep filler and has done wonders for my face. I get injected every 3 years and it lasts the whole time.

For fine lines, there are so many choices. Let me and my staff help you decide. We carry all the popular brands so you have all the choices you need. We will help  you decide what is best for you, so you can look your best.

Botox is still the most common injectable used today, still the best way to get rid of forehead lines, and has worked for over 20 years! It works great in skilled hands, just be careful who you pick to do your injections.

Paul J. Talbot, M.D.